BlockAssets’ has a 3 stage security process for safeguarding of our digital currency assets. Purchases and storage of private keys are in secure locations within the European Union.


Online and digital encryption is a way to keep your transactions safe when contacting us online. BlockAssets’ analysts use secure encryption methods when purchasing new Crypto Currencies to add to our funds.

Transactions are sent via our high security encryption network and our private keys are never revealed. All the

BlockAssets’ Digital Currency is stored on a variety of Blockchain Wallets in several different secure locations. Our analysts and trading teams purchase crypto currencies (such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum) and add it to the fund that you hold.

The buying of digital currency and time for the currency to arrive takes different amounts of time depending on the exchange and the currency. However, we would normally expect have your fund trade completed within 24 hours.

We work with a variety of asset security consultants who work to maintain the integrity of our network. Our

Digital Currency Exchanges

Due to the volumes and diversified portfolio of currencies at, we work with a variety of Digital Exchanges. Each one uses a variety of encryption and authentication levels that enable us to trade confidently and securely.

For individual investors, Digital Exchanges, Blockchain transactions and Wallets can be difficult to negotiate. enables you to invest in in a secure encrypted crypto currency platform