Transparent and Audited

We provide members with a quarterly statement, audited by a third party chartered accounting firm. We also publish the public keys for our holdings for our investors piece of mind.

Asset Security

The private keys for our blockchain digital currency assets are stored in offline cold storage which are consigned to a third party safe deposit network. The private keys are heavily encrypted and require multiple signatures to send funds.

Easy Exposure to Market

Take advantage and gain exposure in a new emerging market. With assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and multiple tokens all held. No need to know or worry about how to purchase, store and hold the assets.

Invest from just £10

Invest from as little as £10 and immediately start tracking our index. The blockchain and digital currencies is an emerging market. We recommend you keep your money in the fund for 3-5 years. Do not invest any capital you are not prepared to lose.

Quarterly Rebalancing

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. Once you have invested, we will automatically rebalance the individual assets within the fund, on a quarterly basis, to make sure the fund index is growing and taking advantage of the latest new technologies.